A moving avatar...

How do u make one and where do you go for it? like the program

ok i will tell you First you need to get the pictures you want to change to and from, like flashing pictures so if i wanted my sig to flash 100+ combat and 50+ range, i would make a avatar that said 100+ combat. Then i would make a second avatar with the same background, only with different words (50+ range). Then go adn adownload Animation Shop Three, which is only a 30 day trial, and press new animation. Set all the settings u want through the animation wizard and then add the pics to the menu they say to, just pres new image. Get both pictures you made and order them in the order you want thm to flash in. THen prest next, next until the end, now u should see your slides, and if you want then to have a effect, like my avatar
<-------------- go to effects on top of page, trasition effects and set one for each slide transition

wow… you learn something new each day :smiley:

Thanks, Ill try it out when i have a couple Idea’s since You only have 30days

i use gif animator, its free and its FOREVER no trial or anything, you can find it here: http://www.jhepple.com/gif_animator.htm

Is the 30 day trial free?

super just said go to that one website and it free forever. The link is up there or in my sig so i dont for get the site,lol. Thx Super

anything to help my fellow noobs out :wink: