A new fun skill

They should make an entertainment skill. It should be for everyone. When you have the right item you could juggle and do other fun stuff. Like ballencing on a ball or somethin. But if you fail at the task you get no exp, like dropping the juggleing balls or falling off the ball.It would be just for fun. and then they could make stages so you could perform and ppl would have to pay to get in depending on your entertainment skill and you would get some of that money after your done.

The only probelm with that is the stage. A stage takes up room in the RS game. If there were many stages it would be harder to get around

Not really, they could make it so people could get into groups on the stage and there would be like 20 stages.

yah, it would be a fun skill to train…

Hello this is my first post :slight_smile:

that would be cool, but how about putting those stages like in the those city squares, and you could pay like 100 to get on and people could tiip you for your performance, and when your beginning you just do stuff around town, then as you get higher youu can perform at more places like city squares then eventully to the theater, even a entertainment guild could be made where non guild members could pay to get in and the main building would hve the performers and be the guild part and even make it more socialble by actully having opreas and plays, and you’d get a cut of the money that comes in lets see i’l make a little table

Level 1-10: Street performances: jugling, miming, dances
Level 20-35: City square performances: Singing, higher level jugling, etc
Level 35-50: Ability to do stuff in theaters
Level 50+ Entertainers Guild

Hows that for a first Post

Well yet another suggestion to be thoroughly explained about…


it’s a good idea but see for 1 the jokers or clowns what ever during this time period were only for the king’s entertainment and his party. there wasn’t much of this seen and not always was it really good… they didn’t do much of this elsewhere for if the king would find out he would punish the joker…

also how would you determine levels per things… and the stages where would they be put? the theater wouldn’t be half bad but poeple wouldn’t be able to move and constant logging in and out and yet have i seen a runescape character take a seat… ‘they obviously don’t know the comfort of a chair’. So please consider where they would be placed. and town squares wouldn’t be an ideal place for anything exceptions of shops put in by runescape. also the skills per levels…

These are all really good ideas. Although I doubt that if they did add this Id do it. LOL, wouldnt wanna bring down my Rep.

neh, i think this is a bad idea. IT would just be… pointless. there should be no skill directly formulated to money.