A new skill

Maybe they should make a swimming skill?

You could jump into lakes and swim…

You could raise it by doing laps or swimming around…

The way you could get experience is by ACTULLY swimming armound and not just floating. :?:

What would be the point on having the swimming skill???

a realy bad ide! 0/10

i could understand if it could be used to go to different islands but then that would be unrealistic

omg :? what kind of skill would that be were would u swim to what would be the point and would u just swim in your clothes or would u get a pair ow swimming trunks? but you tried i will give you credit 4 that :mrgreen:

There’s basically no use for a new swimming skill, but keep up the good ideas.

like the other guy said you can swim from island to island :idea: and if you swim in lakes you can fish while your swimming with whole new fish

Yeah, a swimming skill would just totally ruin the fact that separates f2p’ers from members only worlds and locations… If there was a swimming skill, you could easily access every land that RS has to offer because as far as I know, every place on RS shares at least one part where it is touching a main body of water… The only place you couldn’t probably access is the mage arena and that part of the wildy… But yeah, if it’s a limited skill then it’s kinda unelaborated as there would be no organized way to level up and such and it would provide no benefits to the player unless it is required to fish only certain types of fishes from the water…

in response to that i say there could be like ocean patrol and they say if you pass a certain point they will be forced to attack nonmembers. and if they do go pass they turn in to lvl 400 ocean monsters :lol:


hmmm…the ability to hunt sea monsters eh? sounds useless, yarr

Ol’ Nessy were finally gonna find you!

dam u might find my moby dick out there

a swimming skill is pointless everyway you look at it. yes it sounds good in theory but i dont think it would turn out a big sucess in the long run…

i think it wont work!

Maybe if there was a point to it, sailing would be better

wow good iden now i can swim so i can fish more easyly…no really i mean it