A normal day of PKing

although too many noobs! :stuck_out_tongue:

What exactly are you trying to show?

a normal day of pking of course.

And i was kinda bored…

O lol, i get it now. Are you a regular pker then?

w00t 700th post!!!

Omg, how could you get bored while pking!
I can’t peel my eyes off the screen while i’m pking lol.

ummmm ok then… i guess ur pking ummmm

errr… ok?..

Well i this time i was pking with my lvl 30, account. and there werent many people the same lvl as me. so it was kinda boring.:stuck_out_tongue:

You shouldn’t be having you eyes ON the screen anyway.

I get very bored from pking, I pk regularly and in fact if theres no one to atk in the wildy, it can become boring…VERY BORING. But once you start getting kills, you cant even log off your having so much fun! :smiley:

Haha I rarely PK… So I get bored a lot with it… Anyways how many kiss do you usually get each time you go PKing?


heh, i think everyone is trying to change the subject so they can get more posts…