a npc with my wepon!

why does jagex love NPC’s more?

lol its pretty cool that weap.
sickmate 8)

i know, ive seen 100’s of posts on the sugestion page for katana’s, so jagex just add them!

150th post =)

“katana”, so thats what its called, thnx for clearing that out for me… and ya i agree i want that kewl “samurai weapon”

wepon looks kool! i cant go see it because i cant be bothered to do ghosts ahoy.

hmm i was gonna do ghosts ahoy… cept there was something that put me off doing it. i cant remember now tho lol.
sickmate 8)

Sweet dude!

god…i want a katana soo bad…im a big samurai freak…

i got 3 katanas in my living room =) i want to put them in the computer and use them muahahahahha!

Pretty cool, but WHY were you searching “steal”??? I want an explaination…lol, where u trying to STEAL someones account? You better not have been… lol, and cool sword btw =P

It’s probably easier for jagex to put a katana on a npc then in the game. But yeah, its cool.

nice i like the wep

yea its got a whole Ninja look to it…meh. doesnt seem like itd be powerful in-game though.

they dont…

its not that good

Ooo a katana that’s what they call them swords… Pretty cool, they hshould make some new area of RS where we could do a quest and get 'em.


wonder wen, if ever, jagex is going to release the katana to players…