A old trick in the book, didn't fell for it.

He said he was from my high school and knows me and said he was hacked (well i do talk about runescape with some of my buds sometimes). We chat for a little while and said that you can’t your pass. I know you say “password” in chat and yes you should NEVER give out your password (friend, sister, brother, mother, or even Jagex staff). After a while, I realized he was trying to get my password. Good thing i didn’t actually said my actual pass. But i later removed him from my friend list and add into ignore:

What actually made me realize this is there were 7 asterisks here (password would have 8). Luckily i changed my password to make it harder.

I dont’ know about how this guy knows me (and my real name, not gonna tell you though) but i remember giving my runescape name to some older kid at school as well as his to me (not passwords) when I was at computer class and noticed me looking at this site (i already finished all of my classwork for this class, usually finish before others. My high school blocked Runescape, but they didn’t block the fan websites), but I’m pretty sure it is him who was trying to get my password.

There was actually more to this beforehand but manage to get some evidence and i purposely blank his name.

When i started playing RS2 (bout’ 3 years ago) i fell for that trick with my new character (luckily only lvl 15) MAN I was dumb back then…:banghead:

So your pass really does show! I never typed mine to find out…

I did, where no one was around lol.

It’s pretty sad that peopld try so hard to get other peoples accounts.

back in rsc when u could change ur pass on ur playing screen… i fell for the old “change pass to coins and press alt-f4 and u’ll be rich” of course i didnt know anything about computers at that time so i did and i got hacked on pker seth… luckliy my friend tha ttold me about rs got it back for me (good thing i had recoveries) and now i still have him :).

passwords always show, or they changed that eh?..I don’t know

lol he just added a rondom person, and that person was you, other than that, the moment he said he was from ur highschool, it should have already risen some suspicion of a stupid scammer.

Its also funny hof far people will go and how stupid they will make themselves look just to scam someone.

Next time, only share your Runescape to people you can trust.