a party pic i foun

pics from looking up i wish i was there
i just googled runescape lol

Nice screenie, the guy who dropped it, which is the view of what we see, he probly picked it up.

the ground round the kite is differant 6/10 for the fake

that does look fake :s…if it’s not, i wish i was there starts drooling on keyboard

“This is a beta server not free”
You can tell that’s old lol.

Lol…It May Not Be A Fake B/c Rs NowADays…It Looks Better And Advance…So, That Must’ve Been like 2 - 3 Years Ago, Right After X-Mas Drop.

cant have been before 2004 cause rs2 wasnt out before then, im gonna say it was between february-march 2004

U sure? Lol Ok, Cant Deny The Knowledge Of CYCLOPS Kk, I agree with cy here.

lmao i wish that was a drop party with only me alone in there btw nice pic

I too wish i was tehre lol… lucky for that guy in full steel/iron, oh well it kinda looks fake but whtever

its not a fake go here and scroll about half way down


I know of the person who did this; it was in RS2 Beta so no-one would have kept the items and she would have gotten them back.

wish i was there…