A peek on the new update (Void's Knight Outpost and minigame)

I must say, although i always view Guthix as a noob, but…WOW!! This update owns! I even train my combat at the new minigame:

Void’s Knight Outpost

The City Centre

Boat to the minigame (Pest Control)

The New Food (field rations, heals 10 hp and expensive, lobbies heal 12 and only cost 200-250 gp)

The Minigame (Pest Control)

The Void Knight (VIP person, need to keep him/her alive throughout the game):

The Towers (good range and mage spots):

The Portals (not needed to be destroyed but allows your team end the minigame quickly):

More info here

[li]To get there, take a boat at Port Sarim
[/li][li]The minigame is a EXCELLENT WAY to train your combat. Not only you don’t lose your items, but you get a GIGANTIC constant flow of enemies attacking you. In addition, when your team manages to defend the Void Knight, you get cash based on your combat and a special with can be exchanged for more combat exp.
[/li][li]The field rations isn’t worth getting fyi
[/li][li]This is also a good place for smithing metals because there is an anvil relatively close to the bank.
[/li][li]Shops: General Store, Arrows shop, magic shop, and a smith that repairs your Barrows

Also, the annoying part of the minigame is noobs. Yep, lots of noobs. The constantly open the gates and let the monsters in and making the Void Knight more vulnerable. And most of those who did that are below level 60. Only 25 people are allowed at a time and if any one of them is below level 60, you’ll have a big screw up. I had to blame a lot of level 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s when my group lost lots of times. Anyays, anyone below level 60 aint welcomed. Remember: ALWAYS KEEP THE ****ING GATE CLOSED.

I’ll also provide strategies for this minigame.

sweet…even tho im f2p that awesome…

And also add to the end, dont kill the shifters that attack the knight. They block all the range and mage attackers (which kill the knight quickly). Its small but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

the ones that range (Torcher and Defiler) are a biggest threat because they attack the knight at a LONG distance, but the shifters are also a big threat as they tele around.

Also the gates noobs leave open, it is mostly the middle gate where lots of monsters attempt to barge in.

Known rumor: Using specials on the portal will not Spinner, the ones that repair the portals.

You cannot heal the knight in any way, he/she heals himself once in a while.

Nice guide, I like it-has good information :slight_smile:

I think you should add how many portals there are and such. Then, I suggest you add a few more pictures of different areas, and add information about repairing.

Keep it up :wink:

4 portals, 4 towers, 3 gates and a void knight you have to defend.

You don’t really need food if your attacking and going for portals. There are usually a group of 10+ people attacking a portal and you would be safe. You can get trapped by the monsters…