A pic of me in front of my house..

There is me and my house…

nice house i like it

yea ty i like it too!

is this graphics. this should b moved to off topic, lol that a good pic

this should be in off topic but nice house anyways

How tall are you shortman :smiley:

wrong topic mate, should of posted in off topic.

hmm nice and i like ur house :stuck_out_tongue: also wrong topic lol

oh theres two short guys now

lol nice house but ur tall!!!im like 4 foot :slight_smile:

Im only 5’1" Nice house

Ha! I’m taller I’m 5’6!

dude!!!im in 6th grade what do u respect?and im only 10years old!!!

i cant even see you that close Im talking to the person that posted his picture of him standing in front of his house Im too lazy to post is name

im 6 ft hehe :wink:

apparently theres always been two, just he isnt very active

i can varly see you

yea what they said but the pic is nice

Yea ppl ive had the name “shortman” for about a year now… Anyways ty i like my house too… and idk why u said im tall cause im 15 and im like 5 foot 6 inches only…

and yes i posted this before mods said all pix go to off topic… sry bout that… i posted a photo album in off topic too… if u wanna see some more pix…

ok thats cool