A poem: Kings of Varock

Kings of Varock

The Kings of Varock, The Kings of Varock, who are they?
Why do you ask such a question?
At a special time today!
On The king of Varock,
The King of Varock,
On the King of Varock’s birthday!
Every noble shall eat a feast!
Every account shall bow down, at least.
Even Zezima, the famous Zezima, will bow down to the Royal King!
Fallador may have knights,
Lumbridge may have Dukes!
The King of ardougne may have wealth,
But the King of Varock does too!
He constructed the Wilderness Ditch!
The Grand Exchange was a sitch!
He also made a-
You did not answer my question!
What question!?
Who is the king of Varock?!
You mean the kings of Varock!
No you said the singular “king”

Who are you to ask such a question anyway when I am singing!?
unzips disguise
Oh…Happy Birthday!

I made this on behalf of my first 100 posts. Tell me if it sucks…it’s my first time posting a poem, be honest please!


Edit: The Kings of Varock are ashamed of Andrew Gower’s bad behavior!!

“No you said the singular “king”” doesnt really fit very well into it with all the rhyming then not. The last few lines in the first stanza are a little awkward but still very good. I couldn’t help but chuckle at seeing a -.- used in a poem tho.

It is rather difficult for a poem to suck in my opinion, unless its obvious that the person tried to rhyme and failed horribly, as long as it gets the point across, expresses the feelings of the writer, or can create or move an emotion within the reader I consider it to be at least good.

You’re poems are strange to me though… they’re upbeat and when I read them I get almost a sing-song in my head with the words to it. It’s nice to have this kind of style, almost playful, after having read and written so many heavy gothic/emo poems. Very nice.

You have 209 posts :wink:

Nice poem.

Rep for you and Smitty!!!

Omg i can;t giv to smitty it wont let cuz i have to spread lol.

this sucked

Lol shadap Donny! Yes thankyou for such honesty.

I like your unique thespian style

Define thespian please.

A thespian is basically an actor. Followers of Thespus.

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