A Question: how much would 100k coal and 50k iron be worth?

My friend and I are going to mine 100k coal and 50k iron

I have three questions: Will mining the coal and iron get me above 80+ mining?
If I chose to use both coal and iron to smith steel plate body do you think that would get me above 80+ smithing?

I would also like to know who would be interested in purchasing all ores (or some no less then 1k) and how much you would be willing to offer? no less then 5mill for the whole thing(is this acurate?)

I am more then willing to do an aution but 5 mill being the starting bid (pm me is this is inaccurate)

I doubt your gonna get that much, but it would be 19 mil if you sold coal for 150 each and iron 80 each. If you did get that much, I bet Keyser520 would buy it.

My mining is 68, and 50k coal will get me to lvl 85 mining. So if you are doing 100k coal and 50k iron, that will definitely get you to 80+ mining.

OK thanks, My Mining is almost lvl 65 so thank you for clearing that up.

Also, It will take a while but my friend and I will work on it every day (maybe 500+ coal a day) and we will probably get it in the end of 3 maybe 4 months
At the very least if I cant find a buyer ill just make 10k steel platebodies, which MAY get me to 80+ smithing…and if I sell them for 1k each I would make 10mill?(is that wrong? I have a feeling it is).

I am saving up to get full dragon, which is very expencive…but once I start producing rune items it wouldnt be that far off…

Please reply with any knowledge on how high my smithing would go up, it is currently lvl 55

For Crist sake people stop viewing and start typeing please I have 31 views and only 2 people other then myself have bothered to type anything!!!

I am not trying to seem overly hostile I just want to know a little bit of information that I have gotten little results for, i dont want this to go on the back burner I would just like you to post the information I requested. Thank you

Or just smith them into steel bars and you can sell them for 550 gp each and get 25 mill. You get cash and smithing exp…

iron ores 100 each + alot of patience = 10 mil gp
coal at 150 = 7.5 mil
Total = 17.5 Mil

~or~ ( with more patience )

iron ores 100 each + alot of patience = 10 mil gp
coal at 200 = 10 Mil gp
Total = 20 Mil

~or~ ( with more time on your hands)
50k iron ore at 100 each = 5 Mil gp
50k steel bars at 550 each = 27.5 Mil gp
Total = 32.5 Mil gp

Each one down the list takes more and more time to do, in all it requires a TON of patience in selling and you HAVE to be solid on your prices, if tehy dont wanna buy for your price, say “Nah” and walk away, they will either call you a newb ( ignore them ) or they will pay your price

Good luck mining that much…that’s going to be pretty hard…but you have your friends help! Good luck getting hat much but like every1 mostly said it would be worth about more than 10mil…That’s great money! Hope you achieve your goals in mining , smithing, and finance(in RS).

Yah, Owl is right, people call people noobs when they don’t get their way…


u could either…smith into steel bars and sell for 550-600 ea. or u could make into loadsa cannonballs and sell 200 ea. your choice. all that would get u to a very very high smith lvl but would take months and months. have to b patient

i think that cannonballs wud b the best way 2 go because if ur like me, and u have a poop load of homework, then u can just go grab ur bars and click on the “x” button and itll make them all…so u just sit there and do ur work

OK, thanks for the tips guys I will begin worth next week and Will let you know when Im selling and What I will sell so that I can hold a auction.

lol cannon balls only go 1 by 1

If you really want to get your mining up quickly check this site:

It’s got all you need to get to 85+ mining in like… a month at most? :tongue:

Please do not post an automining/smithing website on my thread. It not only offends me but is both against the rules and is insanely noobish.

ill take as much as i can afford

coal 150 ea
iron 65 ea


If you can mine that much then your gonna have a lot of money. On the other hand, do you know how hard it’s going to be even with your friend?

yes, i’ll buy it.

100k coal at 150 each means I’ll pay 15 mil

50k iron at 75 each means I’ll pay 3.75 mil

Personally I think that mining that much is insane. I suppose it is possible though. Are you planning on doing anything else for the next few months? 500 coal a day is pretty hard to do when your doing sports and stuff. Not trying to discourage you or anything, but mining that much will be pretty hard.

First off, I will only seell coal at 200gp each and iron at 100 each(changeable)

And secondly I will sell to shoever offers me he most Ive heard that I could make 32mill If I did something else and your only offering me 18.75mill