A RuneScape Movie

Someone should make a RuneScape movie, post any ideas for it.

Umm…How in the hell would they do that? There is no story line to this game and if they ever did I think it would be retarded. And it will never happen.

Ratchet, whatever you smoke, dont share it with ne1 :twisted:

Umm yea, right, I’ll just pretend I never saw this topic!! :lol:

Yeah. Good idea if they fixed the 3D Graphic to a better movie for the graphic. But no. It would be boring. OK maybe a short movie of a Wizard with a dragon scimmy fighting a monk with a dragon claws, and some other sort of stuff with different people. THat would be ok for a short movie. But a long movie would get to boring and people would stop watching it like this site (its funny if you stick watching) http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/demented.php . oh well

sorry but…you have no life, just bein honest, but u really don’t if you’d
A: waste time watchin the movie
B: make it urself

thats just sad man…however if you made like a movie of all the gods fighting and having all the little runescapers under them, I can totally see it, but not a movie about a runescape person…that would be retarded, but watchin the armies of the 3 main gods and their followers rise up and fight eachother could be really cool if you actually did it right

how would they make a movie about runescape there would be no theme

u could make a movie about the famous zezima lol

it will be a cool movie!

And if some1 have good of time and a webcam…

yes it is a good idea with a RS movie (RuneScape The Movie) coool!

hm… what would the movie be about if they actually did make a movie?

I seriously don’t know how an RS movie would work… I mean, there really isn’t an organized theme or storyline… RS is just where you sign up for an account and then play to level up your stats while making friends and doing quests and such… Also getting good stuff as well… I really can’t see how a movie of RS can be organized… Unless you had something specific in mind…

huh wa oh comin mom :? :lol:

A day in the life of zezima! Here is the script!

This is his chat bar below!

Welcome to Runescape!
kevinno5:Hi can i have some money
kevinno5 wishes to trade with you
zezima:dam noobs!
handmedown:hey, zezima whats cooking today?
zezima:You will be in a second if you keep annoying me
— zezima has logged out due to the fact that people keep annoying him —

Well if you dont like the movie idea howabout a documentary on Zezima like others had suggested?

Well if you dont like the movie idea howabout a documentary on Zezima like others had suggested?

What I don’t get is why people treat Zezima like he’s/she’s like a God in RS or something… Sure he/she may have the highest overall score on the hiscore listings and almost 99 on every stat but he/she is just a normal person like everyone else who seems to spend more time with RS than most people… I’ve heard that he’s/she’s a nice guy and all but I would think that a documentary would make him/her feel more uncomfortable about playing RS and such since then everyone would know about Zezima’s accomplishments… That would just attract all of the noobs (New people who beg, lie, cheat, steal, scam, do inappropriate things, etc. to get the things that they want; things they do not deserve) to bother him/her more about his/her accomplishments and such… Believe me, I know cause I’d feel the same if you guys made a documentary on me… (Not that anyone ever would) That’s just my personal opinion and I don’t know if Zezima would find this interesting or just plain annoying but I’m sure he/she would find it more annoying than interesting… Sorry, I don’t know Zezima so I don’t know if he/she is a boy/girl…

Yeah thats true, but it got a little more support than my Runescape movie idea lol.

Mayb admin should set zezima as a cencord word. since no 1 can talk about he/she in a mature way.

but then he will have the whole world to him self. i could get so much stuff lol

Get a life!

i think a documentry is a better idea because there is just too much to consider in making a movie lol…(plus why would you?) and imagine the publicity the game would get! 8O talk about full servers!