A Security Brain Wave

Hi People, I’m BACK!!!the biggest noob around RsR,lol, but for for long…lol (internet connection trouble,lol)

Well…i just wonder,since rs updated the bank PIN number,so my idea is if a hacker manages to get some1’s account password and login with it,they still have to guess/find out the bank PIN right?And when they click the wrong pin number for a few times you would need to wait for a few minutes or hours to re-attempt the pin right?

So my idea is,
after like, lets say 6 attempts, that bank will automaticaly unassesble and needs another set of PIN no. (which is made from the original person of the account) ,duh) so that we have some kind of a double security system.

So…is that cool…or was this already posted when i last login the RsR since March 3rd 2006? adn havent touch my own account since february,lol!!!

Anyway,if we forget our second PIN no.we could like god into the rs mainpage and clikc on “unlock bank account” which we need to answer the question,like the recovery question,

so…pls rate from a scale of 0 to 100,

Over and out (for this week or even maybe next week too)
I am a big NOOB

Don’t really understand this, after 6 attempts of guessing the bank pin you need to set another?

Don’t think it’s gonna work.

i have this trouble with my door at home. every single time my friend plays with the [pin] buttons, after like 4 tries, it goes all insane and doesn’t stop beeping. so i guess i understand what your getting at for this seemingly useful attemp for seurity.

how would they know if it is the proper owner changing the bank pinn if they got it wrong tho cause if they are on your account they allready know your pass so how are you going to make that secure when jagex seaid they will never send out emails.

OK…i guess that some of u dont get what i meant,the real owner of the acc have to sets of PIN numbers,the first set is for every day uses,the second set of PIN number is after a hacker attempted 6 trys of the pin,the bank would automaticaly be “locked” mode,and we need to use the second set of PIN numbers…get it?,or just type another kind of recovery question on the main page,well to me its a good idea…


bye for now,adios!

i know im double posting,but no1 seems to care about my idea