A Silent Tribute to Terri Schiavo

I just found out from Yahoo! that Terri Schiavo has, in fact, died for the last time. So I would just like to say that we ought to pay a tribute to her and the court arguments that ensued. Please reply if you have your own stories or would like to comment on Terri Schiavo’s death.

um died for the last time? Thought you could die once…

On the topic I really dont know what to think about the whole thing…

Sorry I was writing the above really quickly, so “died for the last time” basically means that for the last time, her feeding tube has been removed and she has therefore died.

You should really watch the news more, even in Britain they have been going on about it all the time

If you wanna find out about it, check this out

Yeah, I just heard from a person who was in my class… She mentioned that Terry died today… But yeah… My thoughts are with her family… But I’m sure she’s in a better place now…

I heard about it on the news this morning and guess what? While she was dying they didnt let her parents go in the room. Plain torture.

lol, she was gonna die, and i think they should hav e let her die.

[b]Terri. Died 9:05 Eastern.

Thanks from Terris Family, Friends, may god be with her.
Prayers and all pray for grace and freedom of terri[/b].

i heard about it in the news sometime today… i think it’s kinda sad and cruel how they starved her, and i wonder how her family is feeling right now… may god be with her…

“lol”?!?!?!? someone dies from starvation and u laugh?!?!?

anyway i didnt hear that until i just read this, thats sad, but she is going to a better place, and she wont have to suffer through 12 days of starvation

Y do u think that? that just cruelty. unless you wanted her to stop from her torture with here feeding tube and [un]consiosnes

Me and my father have been including her in our prayers for the past few months, now I pray for peace, for those who loved her, for her parents, and most of all I pray for Michael Shiavo for it says in the bible to love your enemies as well as your friends, for it is easy to love those who love you. try loving those who hate you.

Well I’m sorry if this is mean to some of you, but I don’t watch or pay any attention to the news. So could someone tell me who this person is or what she did?

Well I’m sorry if this is mean to some of you, but I don’t watch or pay any attention to the news. So could someone tell me who this person is or what she did?

Well, Terry Schaivo (sp?) suffered from a stroke or something and had major damage done to parts of her brain… She was in this condition unhelped for 14 hours because no one knew that she had suffered a stroke… Basically, the parts of the brain that were destroyed prevented her from functioning in terms of reponsiveness for the most part… Basically, she was “vegetablized”… (This is what a lot of people call it for some reason…) She was in this state (I don’t know for how long…) for a time when her husband met someone else but could not divorce her while she was in that condition… So, he told the courts to remove her feeding tube (That’s basically how she lived besides breathing and such…) so he could divorce her while also bringing up the subject that she told him in a previous conversation that if she was to end up in a similar situation, that he have her put to death… (Sorry for making that sound harsh…) Well, her parents fought to keep her alive while also having a lot of support from the public… The Supreme Court decided to have her feeding tube removed in favor of her husband… They would not listen to her parents’ or supporters’ appeals… She died this morning after having her feeding tube removed for two weeks… Sorry for sounding bad on some parts… I hope that helped… Also, if I’m wrong on any information… Please be sure to correct me…

omg!!! that is horrible!!! they killed her because they thought it was to expensive to feed her!!! if my mom and dad did that to me i would not want that to happen to me!!! if that happened to me i would not be talking to u right now… so to all u people reading this plz carry out this message if u have any authority at all make sure they get this. they might actually regret this lifetaking action and will never think of such an action

dude, she shouldnt have been helped, i mean, what do you think it was like for her, not to be able to talk, think in compete sentences, all you do is blink and eat. you are JUST there. nothing else. a blob of flesh with life. i feel sorry for her.