a small update with 1 4it u

hes back with a few good pks here he is the new him lol

his stats:

a small bank pic

and finally a kill. story a lvl 57 wanted a pice of me…so i said yer ok fine called a mate over with 60 mage he owned him and i got a kill share he had rune battle full addy =]

nice but now get 60 str

Nice pure and why someone is giving you 30k for nothing? huh?

read it again.

any ideas where to train im boed of cows lol.

Pretty nice, start training on Hill Giants and sell the big bones. Make some cash

lols just pked a rune skim (in wildy section)
thx for adive jeff

nice hybrid/pure, i have a hybrid myself add him and we might be able to pk together. RSN: P 0 I 5 0 N (all o’s are zeros) he’s lvl 38 =D