A Sory of Love......

3 years ago i met a girl named jane doe (not telling her real name out of respect). I fell madly in love with her and in return she pissed on my heart…It all started in november. i had transferd to a new school, and felt all alone. She walked up to me and i was stunned. She said one word to me, Hope. After a while we were going out. We did every thing togather. Laughed Cried and everything else. one night i told her “i love you”. she replied with “i will love you more than you will ever know”. The next night we went to the movies. I turned my back on her to 1 second and she was sucking toungs with another guy. This story could go much more into detail but i dont want to waist time. the point is Love is useless
it only leads to hate.
You can reply to this message or not. i just wanted people to know the story of my last love…

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Yes, love can lead to hate. But it can also lead to happiness… If you find the right person, it wont lead to piss on your heart… Obviously you havent found the right girl.

I did. Sammy (once again, no last name) is the perfect girl.

i agree with god chaser…c theres a diffrence between loving someone and being “in” love with someone…people seem to keep confuseing them to love someone is a one way emotion or not felt by both people but when your “in” love with someone it is a mutual feeling and is the greatest feeling ever

the point of the story is not that love is useless, its that your a pro at picking girl’s that are sluts

Yeah… I’m really sorry that your girl did that to you… Yeah, like god chaser and hellsrival said… She wasn’t the girl for you… I hope you find your true love… Sorry that what I’m saying isn’t much help… I really haven’t fallen in love yet… (I really don’t plan to until like my senior year in college since my parents will kick my butt if they found out that that I was making straight F’s because I was spending all my time with my so called lover instead of studying and stuff…) But other than that, I’m sorry that that happened to you…

Edit: Uhh jakeman… I don’t think that he knew that she was a slut when they met…

im sorry to hear that.

my first love Rachel( not saying full name) i loved her with all my heart i went with her everywhere, she even moved in with me…we told secrets we cryed together we laughed together, one night i told her “i love you with all my heart” she replied “i love you with all mine”
one night i go out shopping for her birthday, i come home i open up the door and i see another man sharing mouths with her…i became so mad i said “and you just ruined our marriege” i was about to propose to her she was my love but now i can’t say she is. :cry: