A start to my slayer log

Well, i was 43 slayer and i decided i ought to get 55, so i decided to get 55 slayer and make a log.

I’m not 55 slayer yet, but i’ve been doing my log and i think i should put it up now and edit it as i go along.

I always go to chealder slayer master who is in the lost city of zanaris.

Tasks I don’t like
Any dragon lol.
Infernal Mages.

Tasks I like
Fire Giants
Shadow Warriors

I’m not putting what they drop, but i’ll put the most interesting drops up.

Ok, here it is:

  1. 10 wall beasts
    interesting drops: None
    Levels: 44 slayer

  2. 134 dagganoths
    interesting drops: none
    Levels: 45 slayer

  3. 169 infernal mages
    interesting drops: loads of runes
    levels: 46 and 47 slayer and 72 defense

  4. 144 dagganoths
    interesting drops: none
    levels: 48 slayer

  5. 17 bronze drags
    interesting drops: d bones :slight_smile:
    levels: none

  6. 140 greater demons
    interesting drops: mith kite, 3 rune full helms and 2 steel 2h.
    Levels: 49 and 50 slayer and 73 defense.

  7. 121 Blue dragons (i killed the babies for these)
    interesting drops: baby d bones :slight_smile:
    levels: none

  8. 163 iron drags changed to 19 skeletons
    interesting drops: none
    levels: none

  9. 132 iron drags changed to 29 dogs
    interesting drops: none
    levels: none

  10. 142 shadow warriors
    interesting drops: half a key
    levels: 51 slayer and 74 defense

That’s it for the moment, off to get another task.

Wow you got lots of lvls!

^^ :smiley: Figured that slayer is the best way to get 2 skills up at once :smiley:

Think i’ll stop at 55 slayer though, i don’t want any very hard tasks like abberent spectors or anything like that.