A Suggestion Box

What I’m saying is not for poeple to suggest here, but something different. Let me explain.

Somewhere noticable, like the front page, or the tab with all the buttons up there below the banner, should be something called the “suggestion box”, or something similair. What a member would do is click on that, and there would be a place to type in what you suggest, and you submit the suggestion. The suggestion would then on be E-Mailed to all or most GamerzRealm staff members, so they can decide upon it personally, instead of going through all this trouble of wasting forum space.

So, what do you think?

I think they should do that.
rs2 Kicks ass

But then it still wastes email space, and a post in a forum is easier to check than an email.
Also, it could be spammed easily.
A good idea, but I dont see anything wrong with a forum.
sickmate 8)

The people who spam it from then on could be warned, and if they did it again, they could get a user-note, because in a suggestion box intended for forums, you need to follow the forum rules. :slight_smile:

It’d be the same as this…but less unorganized. People would spam the heck out of it, and annoy the staff. It is kind of pointless, and its easier just to post. For both members and staff.

Still, that makes one more thing to mod.
sickmate 8)

We did used to have one of those, however I found it more useful to use the Suggestions forum so people could see each other’s ideas and build on them.