A suggestion to get more members...

They should have a page on the Runescape website that shows many logical reasons to parents that they won’t steal their money.
Like that they’ve been doing this for several years now, how their are hundreds of thousands of members that pay and haven’t been cheated by using their credit card.
And maybe even more reasons to tell parents that paying 5$ a month by using their credit card won’t affect them and wouldn’t have to worry about fraud.
This way their would be many more members which equal less complaints for more f2p stuff, more money to Jagex for making updates and so on and so forth.
I just got this idea because this is why I can’t become a member, my parents believe that Jagex will steal money off their credit card number.
Tell me what you think about this idea.
I just looked on the official Runescape site, and couldn’t find a page like this, maybe little bits and pieces of info here and there, but not a real explanation as to explain to parents that it is safe to give them their credit card number.

that is a good idea my parents use a credit card to pay for my subscription and they dont get any money go missing at all from them they check it every month :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s a really good idea. I mean, my parents weren’t too thrilled at the idea of paying by CC and I had to do a good job of convincing them, so yeah, that’s a really good idea, Cibola.

I’m going to have to keep convincing them maybe…wish me luck! =p

yeah great idea, when i was a member (whish i still was but oh well) we never had money come up missing of the credit card and alot of my friends cant become a member because their parents r afraid of having money come up missing

I had to get all A’s on finals and get in the 99th percentile on standardized tests to convince my parents that I deserved it. Good luck.

I get good grades all year and my parents won’t let. Me something like that could really help.

Great Idea, Cibola… I like that, That would be excellent.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Dang, that’s sad to hear.
Thanx all for the appraisal! :slight_smile: