A tale of a young knight.

A Tale of a Young knight

Chapter 1:
The lose of the kingdom.

Jesseeast was walking back from his girlfriend’s house as he heard a bell which ment something was wrong or time to shut the gates, but it was just the start of the evening and the gates only shut at 7:00pm but it was only 6:04 by the looks of the sky. Jesseeast ran and seen one of the guards and he asked him “ Why is the bell going off?”
The guard said, “ I’m not sure….” And walked up the stairs to the castle’s wall.
Jesseeast walked up a few stairs and listened and then heard someone say, “ There’s a pile of troops over the hills!!!.”

In the castle the king was wondering why the bell was going off to and then, BANG a fire rock hit one of the walls of the castle and the castle was then on high alert.
Jesseeast ran and noticed a suit of armor laying on the ground and a beautiful looking sword right beside it, he put the armor on and picked up the sword, it weighed atleast 30 pounds but he managed to be able to hold it.
He then ran to the knight’s stable and got on a horse and rode of to get ready with the other horse back knights.
The gate and draw bridge lowered and all the horse back knights rode off towards the enemies camp site in the woods and noticed that they had siege weapons at the very edge of the woods but they didn’t care all they wanted to do was get in there and kill all of the enemies soldiers and get out of there but when they got atleast 500 feet from the woods, hundreds, possibly thousands of Barbarians ran out of the woods yelling, " ATTACK!!!."as they were running towards Jesseeast and the other knights, Jesseeast was frightened when he first seen them run out but then he thought of the castle and his beautiful girlfriend but then another thought came to him and it was that he never trained to be a knight or anything but he still wanted to stop the Barbarians from attacking the castle.

Thats only the first chapter of this book I’m writting but I’ll be writting lots and lots more later because im kinda tired from typing and playing xbox :P.

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Chapter 2:

The battle for The Castle of Varrock.

As the Barbarians were charging towards the knight’s and Jesseeast they noticed that not to many knights were there to protect the castle but they were wrong, inside the castle thousands of fierce warriors and guards were waiting for the right moment to attack.

When the Barbarians attacked they hit a few warriors and knocked them off their horse’s and killing them when they hit the ground because the Barbarians killed them. Jesseeast was in the back and was watching a few of the knight’s get slayed and then noticed they weren’t trying to hit him and then two Barbarian’s ran at him and he attacked them with his big Dragon Battleaxe that he noticed was in a pouch on the side of the horse.
The knight’s inside the castle then ran out with full force, one by one Barbarian’s and knight’s were killed and while they were dieing while Jesseeast was sitting there watching and at once he noticed the thousands of knight’s running behind him and then he made the horse run to the back of the battle because he didn’t want to die but wanted to protect the castle and his girlfriend.

By a total of atleast seven thousand Barbarians and fourteen thousand knights there were at the most one thousand Barbarians left and seven hundred and eighty knights left even though the back up came they were useless.
Jesseeast then joined the battle after watching thousands of knights and Barbarians being killed, he rode off into the eye of the battle and killed seven Barbarians and then seen a Barbarian stab his horse and then fell side-ways and Jesseeast fell down unhurt he got up and attacked the Barbarian face to face and killed him and noticed atleast four thousand more Barbarians ran out of the woods and then new it was all over so he ran for his life towards the castle and opened the gate.

When he was in he ran towards the castle and ran towards the King’s room and opened the door and noticed the King was sitting near the window and turned quickly around to see Jesseeast standing in the door covered in Barbarian blood, and the King asked, “ How old are you?.”
Jesseeast answered, “ I’m only 15 but I am well trained.”
The King said, “ Well, how did you get full rune armor and a dragon battleaxe?”
Jesseeast replied, “ I found it on the ground.”
The King said, “ Well how would one of my knight’s leave there armor on the ground and what do you want anyways?”
Jesseeast answered, “ I’m not sure why one of your knight’s would leave full rune on the ground and I’m here to tell you the castle isn’t going to win the battle.”
“ How do you know.” The King said.
“Well I was just out there and I know because they probably have atleast one hundred thousand men in the woods!” Jesseeast said in anger.
The King sighed.
“Well right now I’m leaving Varrock to travel some where’s else because I know that Varrock isn’t going to survive this war!” Jesseeast walked out the door.
As Jesseeast left the castle he ran towards his girlfriend’s house and opened the front door to see if she was there and she was, sitting on the bed with two sacks of clothing’s and valuables.
He walked over to her and said to her, “ We have to leave Varrock fast.”
“ I know.” She replied.

Jesseeast and his girlfriend Kaiya rode towards the gates with two horse’s, they opened the gate up and rode fast towards the trail that led towards Barbarian Village where they would ride in the forest around there and head to Camelot.

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Chapter 3: Part 1

Heading to Camelot

While Kaiya and Jesseeast rode towards the bridge to Barbarian Village they notice lots of knights wounded on the side of the trail, Kaiya then noticed millions of Barbarians were at Barbarian Village she stopped the horse and grabbed Jesseeast and pointed to Barbarian Village.
Jesseeast said, “ Ok, let’s take the woods.”
Kaiya nodded and they rode off through the woods not knowing what would appear in there but still rode for they’re lives, when they got half way there bam a net pulled up on them and the horse kicked and Jesseeast grabbed Kaiya and took out his sword, he swung at the net trying to cut they’re way through but it was to late.

The Barbarians must have seen them while they were on the trail and followed them until the trap.
They were now being held prisoner at Barbarian Village and were getting whipped.
Jesseeast screamed in pain while he was being whipped and watch as Kaiya was taken and locked in the chamber alone. The guard had kept whipping Jesseeast and then Jesseeast attacked and hit the guard in the face with his chains and beat him senseless, blood came out of the guards ear and Jesseeast grabbed the chain keys with his foot and kicked them up and unlocked himself and ran to Kaiya and opened up her chamber, right when he unlocked it she came running to him and he grabbed her and kissed her.
Jesseeast then got his armor back on and walked up some stair with Kaiya and seen another guard, he took out a knife and threw it and hit the guard in the back of the head and watched as he fell down tons of stairs, they then walked up some more stairs and seen a big door, Jesseeast took out his picklock and started picking at the door and then he heard some voices outside of the door and then he new more guards were coming, he then hid Kaiya in a dark corner and took out his Dragon Baxe and when the door opened he ran through and the blast of the door killed both guards, Jesseeast never noticed and ran back down, grabbed Kaiya’s hand and ran all the way up the stairs again and ran deep into the woods.

They then were near Falador and when they looked at it, it was up in blasé fire all over the castle and town. Jesseeast looked and seen the Falador barmaid coming running out screaming as a fire ball erupted on her back and she ran into the fountain and two Barbarians came over and killed her.
Jesseeast grabbed Kaiya again and ran to the statue and then hid behind it watching Falador.

Chaper 3: Part 2
Dwarfs and Camelot.

As Kaiya and Jesseeast watched Falador burn then ran over to the Taverley,
and went into the sword shop.
Jesseeast bought a rune 2-hander for Kaiya but she couldnt hold it so he bought her a rune sword. They then walked over to the herblore shop and spoke to the owner and bought prayer potions, strength potions, defense potions and running potions,
they then walked to once again find another town burned to a crisp but it wasnt a town, it was the hero’s guild. Jesseeast knew everyone was dead inside so they walked over to the dwarf tunnel under White Wolf Mountain and found a pile of drunken dwarfs laying down with battle axe’s in their backs.

Kaiya threw up, so Jesseeast gave her a rag to cover her mouth and nose with,
they continued to the other side and up the stairs to see Catherby in one piece so they moved on to the bank and withdrawed some food to eat since they haven’t eaten in a day.
While Kaiya and Jesseeast ate their food they sat on a bench waiting to tell King Arthur what has happened to Runescape. After they finished thier meal they walked up the path towards Camelot, the air was so fresh, people greeting each other, it looked and sounded like the best place to be in the world, but they were on a mission to get King Arthur to help defeat the Barbarians.

Kaiya and Jesseeast walked into Camelot’s castle and noticed lots of beautiful things inside the castle and then saw King Arthur wearing dragon armor with a giant sword on his side, they walked over to him and the king said, " O my lord, what has happened to you to?
Jesseeast responded, " Barbarians are taking over Runescape, they have already defeated Falador and are heading towards Camelot, we have journied through it trying to get to you to help ous, so will you help ous defeat the Barbarians or let everyone suffer?

Stay tuned next time for another chapter of A tale of A Young Knight.

Chapter 4: Part 1
The beginning

“Yes!” Said King Arthur, " We’ll put Camelot on full alert and send some troops over the lands to recover the dead and to battle the Barbarians.
Jesseast1 replied, " Thank you, also I would like to go with the troops… I have seen everything and want those Barbarians dead!", Kaiya never spoke.
Jesseeast1 and Kaiya walked out of Camelot Castle and walked towards a house, a old man lived in it named Seer. Jesseeast1 and Kaiya knocked on the door and Seer opened it up and said, " O my goodness, come in." Jesseeast1 and Kaiya walked into the old mans house and stood at the door as the old man grabbed some food for Jesseeast1 and Kaiya, Seer put a kettle onto his stove and gave the food to the two teenagers which looked like the were held prisoner for years…
Jesseeast1 and Seer were 4th cousins as Seer was telling kaiya, as they sat down talking about each other Jesseeast1 went outside, listening to the wind and the voices from inside the house.

In the morning Seer’s was the first one up, he had made breakfast for the two teenagers, Jesseeast1 had woken up after Seers and so did Kaiya… They all ate some breakfast and had another conversation, Jesseeast1 explained why they travelled to Camelot and Seers came very interested about everything and Jesseeast1 and Kaiya’s relationship. The next morning it was time for Jesseeast1 and some troops with Sir. Kay to move out and explore and battle the barbarians.

Once again another chapter, my chapters are getting suckier and suckier but I like writting and cant stop so they will be continued from now on again.

Chapter 4- part 1
The travelling, deaths and Bobo

As Jesseeast1 packed up for his journey back through Asgarnia he gave Kaiya a kiss as she stayed behind with Seer, he then left with a few other knights such as Sir.Kay and other recruits. While the knights travelled through the dwarf tunnel they were yakking litterally, the stench of death was all through the air, there was a cart on one of the horses for the death of everyone and they would be taken to Camelot to be buried.

After they took the bodies onto the cart many of them threw up but kept themselfs from throwing up to much. As they then went through they seen Bobo running around on fire, they grabbed a bucket of water and threw it on Bobo as he ran around in circles until the fire was out. He then thanked the knights and told them which way the Barbarians went, as the knights found out the Barbarians only wanted to rule Asgarnia not anywhere's else they new it was gonna be long before the war would end and they could go home. Bobo agreed to come with them on there journey too.

As the knights left the Dwarven tunnel they went down to Falador only to see it in ruins, Jesseeast1 had a tear running down his cheek only because of seeing what the Barbarians have done.

After a while of taking dead bodies from all over Falador they noticed the bodies were taken into house’s and the Barbarians then burned the house’s down, the knights knew because there were more then 30 bodies in atleast one house. While they travelled farther they seen a Barbarian sitting in a house, they then snuck quietly next to the house and grabbed him and slit his throat with a dagger, he was dead and that must mean the Barbarians were near because why would only one be in Falador while the rest are gone?..
After slitting the Barbarians throat they moved on through the once known city, they heard voices small but only to be Dwarfs, Bobo jumped off a horse and walked into a Dwarf mine house seen four dwarfs hiding under a table rapped in blankets and furniture over them, Bobo ran outside and called the knights to come in, they ran over and grabbed the furniture and blankets off the dwarfs, Bobo was speachless. He then ran at the dwarf and gave her a kiss- Jesseeast1 was confused and so were the knights only to find out later that the dwarfs were Bobo’s wife and 3 kids.

The knights travelled more and seen more Barbarians only to be guarding the front gate, Jesseeast1 and the knights counted the Barbarians and made out fifth-teen, so they took out bows and arrows and got ready to shoot at them, they pulled thier arrows back, aimed at the Barbarians and let go, as the arrows flew through the air it hit every single Barbarian that was there. Jesseeast1 was amazed that only fifth-teen of them could make perfect shots and shoot the Barbarians straight through the head.

Stay tuned for more A Tale of a Young Knight.

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Ok, I would suggest a few things:

  1. DOn’t make extremely long sentences, it makes the story boring.
    2.Add a bit more detail: You just said, he took back his armor, do you think it will be that easy?
  2. review your work, eg. you wrote “about everything and Jesseeast1 and Kaiya’s relationship.” shouldn’t it be “about everything of Jesseeast1 and Kaiya’s relationship?”
    and you wrote "Jesseeast ran and seen one of the guards " when it supposed to be “saw”
  3. don’t just make something up to suit the situation. Don’t really know how to say it properly, but an example is saying "Jesseeast took out his picklock ", you should’ve mentioned the picklock before

Personnally I think this story is sooooooooooooo boring. The plot is ok, but its the way you write it.

It was my first story so I dont care! alright?!