A taste of a pker's medicine!

this is only 1/4 of what i normally hit… and i am lvl 83 :o. and srry i haven’t benn on latley guys! http://img298.echo.cx/my.php?image=the264de.jpg

Hmmm, if that is only 1/4 of what you normally hit…wouldn’t that mean you hit 104? is that possible?

i was bein sarcastic i hit 32’s.

lol so instead of 1\4 its +4 lol

yes see he gets it :stuck_out_tongue:

i doubt u hit 32s…if u did u would post that instead of this

hey now, hitting 32’s is like gettin a d med… it’s unexpecting.

Nice hit, and nice D Battle Axe.

lol…i still wont beleive til i get screenshot proof =D

k when i get 1 i will send u it as fast as i can. and ty for the compliment monkey

Your welcome. Anyone else want a compliment? lol.

i can hit 40s with d b axe :slight_smile:

ya…and i can flap my arms and fly to the moon…no…im not kidding i really can…nice goku

nice, my max hit is 23/24 i think with d-battle axe and prayer and super strength