A tip for Noobs when going into the Wilderness.

If you are a noob and you are in the wildy. do not trust anyone if they are not your friend. more than likely the person you run into in the wildy will try and lure you deeper into the wildy by telling you things. untill they know that even if you try to run you wont make it back out of wildy and then they will 9/10 times kill you.
I recommend that you dont go into the wildy until you are at least level 10. most people you run into are to high of a level to attack you anyway. but there are some who are low enough to attack you.
and you should put anything you deffinately don’t want to lose into the bank. trust me i made a foolish decision that i wouldn’t die and i didnt put my sword (silverlight) into the bank as i usually do before i go into the wildy. and i nearly lost it. somehow it was miracuosly still there.
Bring alot of food so that if you do survive, you will be able to regain health alot quicker.
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Ahem, bring your most valueable items into the wildy, and meet around the building with the greater demons in it.

hehe :slight_smile: im evil.

lol. no don’t do that. if you have a low level and you are worried that you will lose your valueable items. well then follow your instincts and put them in the bank!

hi ppl im a noob :smiley:

Pleasure to meet you, and I think the guy was joking when he said to bring good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

lol he thought he was serious he even said ahem

me noob too!!!


Im a noob too! coincidence how much ppl on RSR have in common huh?
O ok well my tip to noobs goin into wildy: Dont go into wildy. Follow that rule and u wont die in wildy :slight_smile:

hey source whats ur combat?

i am the most newbiest person here!

follow what chaos said it’s 120% that you won’t die in Wildy because you won’t be in it… remember, and i quote Choas, “Real noobs never die”

Yes i was joking before guys =)

A good tip for noobs is to raise their fishing! Good food is a must for the wildy.

Also, dont be afraid to wear good armor, or don’t go at all! If you can’t afford to lose decent armor, then don’t go. Because wearing cheap armor is a waste of time, you’ll only die, or waste more food then neccessary.

Also, use spells like bind, they help alot =) even if you are melee get magic 20 and use bind.

Tip: Go with nothing and go to these places for cool stuff:

Furnace Ruins: 1 gold ore and steel legs.
Graveyard of Shadows: Steel dagger, iron dagger, iron or steel med helm (can’t remember which)
Lava Maze: Earth staff, iron or steel full helm, 25 gp, 5 gp, gold necklace, steel platebody.
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always go 2 wildy low lvl mages own

Well said, yes “noobs” follow chaosnoob… for this saying only not for ANYTHING else…lol

lol see? my advice owns. :slight_smile:

i knew Chc05dude was joking because if you didn’t notice the “lol…” and i am level 39. (i hardly ever go into rs anymore.)

Back on 2 the noob subject. u can even see my noobyness. also i always go 2 the graveyard place

ha! u call urself a noob. look up my stats and then say that too my face…im the ultimate n00b mwauahhaha
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i don’t kill noobss… i eat em for breakfast.
nah i don’t kill noobs. everyone can trust me, never bsed anyone while i played runescape. prolly the most trustworthy person you will meet in game that you don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: