A verry bad thing happend to me

about 1hour ago i was walking my dog out then came home and HE DIED :cry: :cry: :cry: HE was my bestes frend :cry:

I’m sorry about your dog… Hope you feel better…


iam trying thats y iam sitting and chating here buy iam still in a very bad mood

Hope you feel better… I’m sorry that your Dog died.

Holy crap… I’m really sorry to hear that… I hope you feel better… Man, that must suck… But yeah, my friend told me a story about his friends dog who was really old… His friend was calling his dog and the dog came running and then collapsed and died right there and then… My friend said his friend was shocked when it happened cause it happened right in front of him… But yeah, I’m really sorry about that… I hope your dog rests in peace… Sorry that this sounded lame…

Wow, really sorry that happened to you. I would feel awfully terrible if my dog died, don’t let this get you down. Hope you fell better, stay strong.

ouch man. i feel 4 ya :cry:


i know how you feel, my dog died last month. i was walking him around the park one day and he came off the lead, not being trained he ran into an oncoming 4wd :frowning: i didnt talk for 3 days. My dad bought me a pure bread Rhodesian Ridgeback since then. I feel kind of better, but will never forget good old bear.

       RIP. BEAR

Well dude, u’ll get over it. Pets come and go, but they will never be forgotten. Hope u get betta soon mate, c yaz around

err i supose i feel sry 4 ya but if ya dog was ya best frend how many other m8s did ya av???

Man i feel for you. My dog died before and i know how you must be feeling. Ask your parents if u can get a new dog, maybe that’ll make you feel better.

Oh, i’m really sorry for you, and I know what you feel like right now… :frowning:

dude thats just mean… i have a dog and i no wat it means when eh says its his best friend