A welcome mod

RSR could have a welcome to to welcome new people in to RSR and tell them all the things they can do here

Every mod already pretty much does that.

yea u dont need one mod to just do introductions, they’d have nothing to do ( barely)

maybe. i dunno the mods r nice… but where is the chicken?

Yeah, the mods are nice… but what are the chickens?

Um I’m not sure what you meant by mod, but do you actually mean mod as in modification? Because having someone to just welcome people would be pretty pointless, the rest of the community can do that. Maybe a new members page could do well.

This is sought of stupid to have a welcome mod… Everyone on the site already welcomes people. Perhaps you mean having someone who pm’s new members with information on using the forums etc.?

Yes thank u handmedown, some1 finally understands.

You currently get a welcome email linking to all the main areas of RSR like Index, FAQ, Rules, etc.

“Hi! My name is Daniel, and the only reason I’m a moderator is to say hi to you!”

Wouldn’t work.