A whole lot of wierd pictures

Yellow dragon hide?? I didnt even know this stuff existed!

From January 13th, the biggest update of all time…

Jagex did in fact release another mages robe (purple)… Its totally useless though :stuck_out_tongue:

And my awesome dragon hatchet… You wouldnt believe how fast this baby cuts…

Rate 1/10 :slight_smile:

nice job! 7/10 on the first one 9.5/10 on the second and 5/10 on the third

Thanks… I did the 3rd one (now fourth because i added mage robes) in paint, so it looks a lot worse :stuck_out_tongue:

7/10 on the first, 9/10 on the second, 5/10 on the third, and 4/10 on the fourth one…

on the dragon robe 4/10

Strange…my supposed worst pic (I whipped it together without help of anything except HTML knowledge) is getting the highest score…

Any sugestions?

6/10 on all but 2nd one i give 2nd 1 10/10

Wow, random, but I like it! Dragon platelegs, that’ll be the day when everybody flocks to that place!

oooh i wish that that update was real!
Yellow Dragonhide = 10/10 nicely done it looks real!
Dragon Platelegs = 9/10 I really like this idea too
Purple Robes = 5/10 not that great
Dragon Axe = 10/10 also nicely done it looks reall too!

lol…i actually kinda fell for the second one…i actually went to runescape to check :lol:

so did i lol

nice pics 5/10