about 1/4 of my pks

All the ones i cud find on my comp and on rsr.

Heres a lure-

ko’d this nub. Logged in and he was just standing there. Tbed tangles and dead.

Range trainer. 1.9K addy arrows. I was zammy flaming.

Free rune plz.

Ko’d with axe.

lvl 121 dead for whip plz :smiley:

pure with 90 strength :meditate:

lvl 99 ranger…

yes, I tele in multi from pjers.

Dunno what he was doing with all this stuff…

loot from it…

this is old i think…


He lagged :wub:


Woo, Awesome kills Ebony. :smiley: Dragon one ftw.


SO anyfreebies since i did tb :wink: SHARE

Helly wubs ebony =]

owned fo sho

very nice pks dude how long did it take u 2 pk them all?

pwned pliz!!! add me in rs so i aint in the same world as you. i dont want to die!!

nice pks man ownage

You have posted the dragon kill like 5 times…


yer that probaly is fake

I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I thought. He posts it in like every wildy thread he makes…

lol know just the ones he makes the ones that ppl make for a computer

Those are good kills- the dragon kill is probably real, but it’s a little over posted.

can you shut the **** up about it being fake? It isn’t.

At least my best kill isnt 350k cash.

I will post when and how I feel like :slight_smile:

If you want to flame me, you’d better flame the dozens of people before me that have said it was fake on other threads.

And my best kill was worth about 450k (350k cash, 4k irons, etc) - aka a great kill in F2P.

And every single one of them had no proof.

mageh8er how do u do it???
wot lvl r u cuz i seriously need to start workin out what it takes to be a good pker!

i cant even afford an abby whip let alone pk 1 lol neways nice kills!

dang nice pks there lol!
nd gl wiv ur 40def pure i decided to make 1 too lol

At least Archas doesn’t lure people into the wild.

Your first kill picture, the one where you killed someone trying to buy something from you, is truly pitiful.

And you make fun of people bringing teles, lol.

thats kind of sad for a person with telli block too lure bad pk,s i might be in a clan but we know the diference between killing pkers and killing noobs we might not get jack going out but we sure as hell have fun

First of all - I said I wasn’t sure if it was fake or not. There is no kill message.

Oh, and what’s with the strange pm convo on that pic?