About Arcade.

I wasn’t sure if this belongs to admin requests or forum suggestions, but is it possible to bring back that Bejeweled ripoff? :stuck_out_tongue: Zookeeper or something, it had the most epic music.

I support :o

and my 10 or so trophies i had :frowning:

id love it

This and Bubble Buster and/or Brick Breaker would be great :slight_smile:

the best one was definatly the pong game which was like spacey and 3dimensional… cant remember the name !

I added a couple new games. I’ll continue adding more when I can.

funner then before :smiley: except cant add the highscore got 94000 on falling balls D:, suppose its about playing them really tho.

Yeah you can’t add scores with these games :frowning: Bah oh well

Yeah it says NA people ;D
(Okay I admit, I tried too at first)
But I love the catapult one <3

yeh its like angry birds :slight_smile: