About my Mining for you topic!!!!

im sorry for every1 thats posted on it i will be only work 2 ppl at a time! so if you are the 2 ppl to give me an easy job 1st i will serve you! but coal does not mine free! coal is now raised up to 20gp-100gp each ore depends on how long it takes me to mine it!

also…i would like if some of you did me a favor since i do you 1!

some one who can mine me 2k silver ores! will get a special gift!
(gift items below)

ok 1st gift is: 1 mithril pikaxe!
2nd gift: 3 iron pik axes!
3rd gift: 4 steel pik axes!
4th gift: Mystery bag!
and the last gift: 5k!

the 1st 1 to mine me 2k silver ores get to choose 1 of these!

how much do u pay per silver. how much would u pay for say 1k silver ores or 200 silver bars ( i could get 1.2k silver bars is u like them better)