About the new HELLcat

How do you get it i haven’t been playing runeescape for a while so
i don’t know anything that happened
is there a hevenly cat?
or somthing i never knew
when the pirate fasion came out i didn’t know hoow to get
it until my friend told me

how do iget a HELLCAT[COLOR=“PaleTurquoise”]pthank you!!lease tell me[/COLOR]

you have to do the new"ish" quest that came out. “Temple Trekking” update.

lol hell cats are gotten during the ‘recipe for disaster’ quest also known as the ;100th quest in runescape’ and to get the hellcat you must start the quest and choose to save evil dave.

once you begin to save him, head to edgeville in his house basement and catch 7 hellrats and it will transform to a hellcat.

ty (-

dear (-|/~)

Thank you to responding to all my threads when you respod to an idea
you give me a good thought (mabey it is a bad suggestion)
so ty thanks for the hellcat info

you’re quite welcome my friend :slight_smile:

he didnt give you hellcat info…i did…

it’s basically for all of his post’s that i posted on as well…i also gave him “basic” information before you came along and gave more detailed information…so in a sense i did…

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Just A game

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