about the party today

currently my internet isnt working it keeps going on and off hopefully it should be fixed before the party.

if im more then 20 mins late for the party just leave and i will reschedual it.

also i need to renew my membership if that go’s out before the party then i will have to reschdual it.

sorry if i dont make it but hopefully it should be fixed by then.

Ok cool,
for people who don’t know
Today, Blinks Drop Party, fire altar, which is near the duel arena/al karid.
Be there or be square.
If you don’t make it, it’s cool, just make it another weekend or next day.

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can i come…is this on a free server???////

Hmm I remember the last one, you were late to that one :P… Anyways, How would your membership affect if you were at the party or not?

if my membership runs out i wont be able to bank any thing