ABOUT THE STUPID, Chaze thing.

I made that account, because a user name named Chase took it, so I used it to hide the point where it looks like he did it, So I wouldnt get in trouble…

Now i relize that I did something really bad and dishonest, and [b][i] THAT I SHOULD BE THE ONE BANNED, NOT MY FRIEND, CHASE!

I still dont know what to do.[/i][/b]

I think there’s something suspicious about this whole “I’m sorry thing.” I don’t see why you would want to get banned for someone else. You must have a really guilty consience.

Just ban him - Im going to get banned anyways, And get my face beat in till its not there - So WHY THE HELL DONT U FHKING BAN HIS ASS BECAUSE HES GOING TO GET BANNED ANYWAYS!

sounds to me like this is all lies, sorry if i am wrong

your breaking iced rule and so are you calenel so just stop before you get into more trouble beginner…im not going to post my opinion on this topic b/c i dont want to get involved until we see what duke or hockey is going to do

i am not disobeying iced, i posted that looooong before he asked me to stop

o ya srry forgot to check the time lol srry bout that calenel…not really sorry for you beginner i hope ur friends beats the piss outta you and you get ip banned…srry i wasnt gonna get into it but i changed my mind

so the mods stay quite…

i think the mods should give the dude his wish.or just give his friend his account.my opion