About warnings.

What are they? what does a person with warnings mean? how can I report people if they need a warning? Thanks.

i have no idea people just put you on warnigs for fun lol

You get a warning by breaking a rule or doing something bad.
You can get up to 4 warning and thne if you do another bad thing or break a rule you get banned.(loose your RSR account)

to add on to what you said…to get rid of a warning there is no certain amount of time you have to show that you are following the rules and that you are respecting other people and duke can remove them, and if you get banned and they find you made another account they can ban your ip so u cant make nemore

just obey the rules and you wont have to be afraid of getting a warning issued to you by a mod :smiley:

If you do get banned… Is it always permanently or can there be instances where you’re only temporarily banned cause I’ve seen some people who are only banned temporarily… Not that I plan to or anything…

i think you can be temporarily banned if the offence is not too great

some people are allowed another account if they got banned only if they broke the rules marginarily, but say if insulted flamed and cursed consistantly your IP would get banned. User’s warnings get cleared when the moderators think the person has learned their lesson and probably won’t do it again.

If you want to report someone PM a moderator of the forum with a link to the topic.

Thanks guys!

u get for breaking rules and if u get 5 ur banded

Again with the obvious answer. Jeremy, stop posting what everyone has said to raise your post count.

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