accidental cool pic

i was taking a picture of my window to update my signature, and it just so happened that i took it while casting fire blast and it looked cool so i decided to post it here, please do not rate this for it was a mistake, but you can state your feelings on it

Cool,how high can you hit? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol thats good timing

master attacker lol i have no idea, i was not posting for my hit, just because it looks cool that i am like creating that spell in that hands at that exact moment, it just looks cool

ur right it does

Looks cool. 8)

Super rad.

This guy has the best stuff.

Look at the ammount of posts.

do you mean me? lol but please do not go off topic

That does look pretty cool! You trian with deaths?

yes i do sportfreak lol, with bloods sometimes

Wow! Nice!

calenel are u a chick? i cant tell by ur name…just askin cuz u got a pic of a guy as an avatar…would be kinda fruity if ur a dude lol

That’s a good shot! nice timing

Maybe he likes lord of the rings? Anyway stay on topic, nice hit calenel and nice stats.

what pic…all i see is two part hats