Is that right or some sort of weird glitch? I never bothered buying any armour until I could wield rune, but that seems weird to me…plus the description?


edit: that’s weird. I think its because there’s no room to fit the whole name in. I was confused when I first saw “Saradomin Full”.

I think they have a certain amount of letters they can put and since it’s such a long word then they have to shorten it.

what program is that ur using to run rs?

Thank you for the information, kind sirs, once again, my nubness knows no bounds.

Swiftswitch, since you can’t read the title bar? :roll:

lol, i knew that i was looking for some backround information on it.

I know, once again, not what you want.

Its a cool proggie, it has a lot more than what I have pulled up on that screen, theres a topic somewhere on these boards, use the Search feature on RSR and type in Swiftswitch, you’ll find it. =]

Are those programs not illegal?

ps. I also have a “adam kite (g)” not “adamant kiteshield (g)”

They certainly aren’t “illegal”.

Against Jagex policy? Don’t know, don’t care.

You have been helped and you are all going off-topic so i will clear this up. If it bypass’s the 30 second rule or it doesn’t show the ads it is illegal.

lol strange

P.S I saw a user called bromotoffis in your login, did you get him to do rune smithig for you?