Add Effigy help?

I know the Runescape main forum has a Effigy help thread, but I’d like to see it on Rsr personally. I check this forum far more often then the Rs forum so I know it’d help me a lot more if I saw someone I could help or vise versa.

I was initially thinking about doing this but never went through with it. I’ll add it to my list of potential updates and we shall see how it goes.

A thread about it would be a good idea in my opinion :o

Awesome, thanks for the consideration and support! :slight_smile:

I agree, a singular thread would probably be enough. Or, maybe a “Help section” in general where people can look for groups, etc. Because to be honest we don’t have enough members for an entire section JUST for effigy. Granted, I have one in my bank and would be interested in getting some help myself -_^

What type of effigy Knot?


Mind you, I’m lightyears away from being able to do it haha.