Add me and order your runes (either: death, chaos, mind,air)

Hey everyone i am a mass rune seller, my prces are fixed so no bargans in the deals. If you add me i will get the desired number of the runes that you want. My prices are as followed:

death (sold in lots of 1k-5k only)= 350k per 1k of death
chaos (sold in lots of 1k -5k only)= 150k per 1k of chaos
air (sold in lots of 10-20k of airs only)= 25k per 1k of air
mind (sold in any amount desired but in 1k lots)= 30k per 1k of mind

Thanks everyone…Please allow 1-2days of time between odering and recieving the runes…I do accept tips though :wink: !

once i finish selling 1k steel bars i might want 1k deaths, but ill get back to u about that

do u sell fire too or nats too?

-jmathishd436= i have a reserved 1k of death for you in the bank :wink: get to me asap!

-MutationCm=i can get you fire also, for the same price as air, i can also get nats (i charge 350 per nat, it may also take a while to get them, sorry) i only sell nats to premium buyers as it takes me a long time to get them.

thanks guys 8)

if you have any more questions feel free to talk more. Im new to this site, looks cool though. cheers!


wow man where did u get so many???!!!

umm i know it says that u can only sell chaos runes in the 1k to watever but id like to buy 90 of em…

i would give 8k for em cuz i really need em…

if u can do this for me that be great but if not i dont mind…ill just post elsewhere

get bak to me on this or game asap

rs name:perisher148
im usually found in world 12 thx!

I’ll buy 1k chaos runes for 120k.

what he said ill buy 1.5k chaos runes for 140 k