hi, im saving up for full addy so i have sold everything i own to buy it. I have 16457gp or i dunno if it’s k not to sure. anyways if anyone can sell me full addy for that price can you say please? i not has anyone got any spare coins they can give to help me out or even a job i could do (my woodcutting is quite it)

ok thanks!

16k will get you the body

I no, i have the chainmail and the plate skirt because i couldnt find the plate body and the plate legs… but i suspose they were cheaper anyways. :slight_smile:

lol after u sold all ur stuff u onli hav 16k… lol

and no double psing :-p

i find, collecting big bones then selling them 200-300gp gets money quite quickly, The hill Giants tend to get packed tho, so either go wilderness ones or moss giants or ice giants