Advancing Fletching.

I Decided to work on fletching and my total lvl :slight_smile:


Very Impressive! Both the fletching level and the amount of money :lol: .

lol tnks.

im in the top pic but i wasent fletching i was banking some bow string haha i snuck in ur pick haha

How long did u take u to do that?

i done all this today lol…another level :slight_smile:

Keep it up bud! BTW, Does your current MSN name refer to Runescape or Real Life?

real life i got ÂŁ215 to spend ($413) left from christmas lol.

Very impressive. :twisted:

i got some more lvls.

do u wanna buy 2000 yews for 600k? that would get ur fletching alot higher! :smiley:

Yes i shall also cut yews and yes very impressive

so do u wanna buy the yews?

i only buy maples sorry, ill buy all the maple i can though.

o sorry i only have yews … :frowning:

could u cut me maples? lol, i’ll buy for 100 ea.

no im not a member. y dont u just buy the yews? u can make yews shortbows…

becuse until i can make yew longbows its not worth it, maple longbows are around the same exp as yew shortbows, and maples are cheaper, so it makes sence to buy maples lol

You are going to hate me for topping you in such an annoying manner, but:

that rocked…

nice wish i had that fletching