Advice for my new pure mage

Uh i need some advice for my new pure mage. I want him to have a good magic lvl at lvl 45 or 30 atleast. Please post some stats i should raise for him please. Also if you want to pk with him add him 1 0wn3d Y00z.

Magic, and range for hp. And that’s it.

The more pure, the better, obviously.

ok so it would be a pure ranger/mage lol???

No a pure mage should get 59 magic (or 53) and get about 40 range for hp.


o ok so a pure mage with some range to have hitpoints. i get it lol.

Well, you get magic as high up as you’d like (59 is obviously a good cap for FTP). And then do ranged untill you have an HP your comfortable with.

59 magic and ranged at 40+ is a good pure, the hard part is buying all the runes and training.

ill just runecraft lots of air runes and craft mind runes that can last me untill high mage lol. then after ill ask my member frieneds to fetch me some arrows lol.

If u have about 600k on main then getting/making runes aren’t hard just the arrows are.


600k aint much i ahve a few million gp on my main, and about 20k rune essences lol.

well with 400k you can get 50 mage EASY just get up to crumble undead, varrock sewers, and have fun doing that for a while, than get to 59

I thought we’d gone over this, crumble undead is no longer busted. with 400k you could surley get 55 magic with fire strike, or even earth strike if you’re really cheap.

I prefer earth strike to get to 59 it takes 16k earth strikes paying 20 ea for earths and minds works out to be about 640k but with ur 20k ess u should get 16k earths and minds.


train at wizard tower and do runecrafts instead of buying runes.

ok, thank you for all the poeple that gave me some advice. You can surely help me out by donating some runes to me cause runecrafting is a pain. But ill try to make him as pure as he can be :slight_smile:

i find mage level goes up pretty fast, it hard to keep a good supply of runes if ur not rich like all u guys, but yea the rune crafting thing is the best way to do it alto it is a pain in the ass it really, really, really easy and dosn’t kill ur money supplie. im buying all minds 10 gp each!!!