Hello, I am looking for affiliates for my site. My site is Im adding new things every day to it. Next I am going to add cheats for games. I just finished a guide for a game, Now I am working on another for another game…Im not telling you the guides because I dont want you to steal my idea… :stuck_out_tongue: If you would like to be an affiliate post your site name and Ill look at it. Thanks!

sorry, but this is probably gunna be locked, ur not allowed to advertise ur site


didnt u try this before a while ago?

No i dont believe so…

He’s not advertising his site, really.

I doubt you’re going to get affiliation. You’ve tried with other sites, if my memory recalls correctly. You would need a lot more members then you currently have. I haven’t looked at the site but I’m betting you wouldn’t have a lot of members.

Oh, duke said if I get more people it would be glad to affiliate with me…Im putting a runescape gold guide up there now…Then cheats.