After brutal training...

…70 Defence! Time for barrows…

Missed pic…


I say Get Dharoks.

GET torags its cheapest and has best def, torags , obby shield and whip looks cool too

^^I’m not training attack/defence. I’m training str.


Veracs isn’t that great for training, its more for KQ and staking. Dharoks is best for strength I would say.

Dharok for me.

dharok (filler)

TY! I got dharok… look :wink:

Nice hit :slight_smile:

What were you training on?

^^I was just fooling around and I look and my defence and say “Hey, Almost at 70 defence ;)”


dharok is teh pimp

Dharok FTW!! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get cash for verac. Or torag since I miss my whip :wink:


Verac, because your stats are like perfect for staking. If there weren’t as many duel pures around you’d be perfect.

nice combat lvl, just raise atk and str and you be even better pker.

and i have to say for your cmb lvl, your non-combat skill lvls are low…=(

^^Don’t do skilling much. Lot’s of voted for Dharok.


u should go for veracs, the flail ignores defence AND prayer.

Actually i really dont care, but it depends on your intents. If you fight kalphite queen, get veracs. If you want to train strength or show off, get dharoks.

But i think this is better:
abby whip
d platelegs/skirt
rune platebody (get sara)
ammy of strength
barrows gloves
beserker’s helm
obby shield
fire cape
climbing boots
beserker’s ring

you get a strength bonus at least +120 and is well combined with speed.

im no member but ive heard that dharoks is better so get that!