How old is everybody? I myself am 14. I did not put <5 because not many four year olds are allowed to surf then net or even understand anything on this site or about RuneScape.

Whoops, I typed Over 18 but forgot to add it… Can you change a poll?

I just turned 11 in March.

18, woot.

Uhh, there are a couple of people here over 18, you might want to add that as an option :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i’m only 13…

I’m 14, also. I can’t wait until I’m 15, so I can get a work permit.

I’m thirteen. I turned thirteen on April 11. Do I act/type older then I am?

Yes, XGod, we all think that you type and act older than you really are… No, I’m not being sarcastic but yeah… I would barely qualify for the Over 18 choice of the poll as I am 19…

20… where’s that option on the poll? (Yes, I noticed that you said you had it but forgot to add it…)
I know there’s a bunch of people on RSR that are older than one would expect to be on a site about Runescape. Who cares what others think - I have a lot of fun on RSR, and a little bit of fun on RS (yeah, so I’m getting bored of the game… what can I say? F2P isn’t all that great.)

im 13 turning 14 on the 30th of august

off topic: 300th post

im 14, 15 on May 21… w00t w00t!!! neways… i have the same question Xgod has, how old would you have guessed I am?

i am 13, 14 the 3.desember! and yes x-god i tougth mods needed to be 18 year or something

Well, I’m 21.

I’m 18 in December.

i refuse to answer as I’m older than the highest option up there…

I am 16 as of last saturday.
Its odd how there is a 21 year old man here, i didnt think they still played video games like runescape anymore…


I’m 14 and mods can be any age as long as they are fit for the job.

lol… 21 is young

im…sweet 16 :smiley:


I’m 14 and mods can be any age as long as they are fit for the job.[/quote]

i just wondred is to be an moderator a paid job??

Just 13 but well I act kinda old maybe more like a 15 year old cause im very serious and stuff but ehhh thats just me