aghhh virus wtf help lz

ok i know this is in the wrong forum plz move it to the right one since i didnt kno where to post but here is my story

i don’t know whats going on this has happened numerous times before but not this bad. norton anti virus just shutsdown n i cant turn it back on?
then i get popups telling me over n over again that my virus protection is turned off
plz help me last time i ran live update n i fixed it but now whenever i try to do nething to do with norton it randomly disappears plz
so when i try to run liveupdate it dissappears n then when i go back it says it is still running and the windows still open when its not? Can neone help?

Plz help

um did you try turning it back on? or downloaded other stuff? such as avg anti-virus? i use it and its great and its free. thats the most help i could give you though.

Might you try closing your computer, restart it, re-image it, or you can go delete anything new you downloaded. :smiley: Hope it works.