Agility dungeon blades...

avoid those nasty things…

lol nice!!

gorey and messy… i like :lol:

That really did make me laugh, I rate it - 94%

~ ewok

lolololol that’s hilariouse!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: 8) :wink:
If only he said something like… son of a monkey!!!

That’s totally awesome good job! 10/10

~Master Attacker~

nice o… i really like it… espoically the blood!!! 9/10

Nice picture. Love the blood effect. 10/10 good on ya.

beautiful :lol:

REally good!! great! i love it! 9/10

thats is seriously good 9.5/10

how did you do the blood afect?

noice lol

awesome 10/10