ahem, i think im the only one with this combat lvl...

hmm arent my stats better than lvl 0?
sickmate 8)

wow dude thats crazy, and nice armor by the way

WTF!!! thats gotta be fake!!!

no??!!? really?

are you kidding me you really think he’s lvl 0 omg

its not fake. the only thing i changed about it was i put in the arrow. thats cos otherwise u dont really look there. i didnt notice for a while. cos my page was loading, and my comp was lagging, so i was getting bored. i was looking at my stats, and saw my combat was 0! so i took a screenie.
i repeat, its not fake. if you zoom up on it, you can see it hasnt been edited.
sickmate 8)

yo thats crazy…that would be funny though if u were lv0 and went to wild and kicked some guys buns…lol that would be funny…gettin owned by a lv 0

ya dont say

whats is ur combat any who

its 66
sickmate 8)

Heh, must be a glitch or something… Good job getting the pic at that moment…

that has to be edited or a error it probly dose that to every1 when its loading and lagging if not thats a fake

lol thats funny.Its problably a glitch or some problems loading.

Combat 0… hehe, that’s funny… it would be kinda cool actually to see people that are combat 0. but yeh, must been an error there.

Hehe! I think I’ve finally found someone with a lower combat level than me.

I wouldnt go attacking anything when ur like that lol :lol:

Well, it looks fake, but if Sickmate says it’s not I believe him.

~ ewok

8O lol, i had a glitch once too, i had 200K in my inventory and suddenly my pc lagged, and it dissapeared… lol it reappeared after 30 seconds, And i was Like OMG!!!

thats crazy man
u probably ot it while it was loading or it gliched

LMAO!!! That gives “n00b” a completely new meaning! I wonder if other people saw you as lvl 0 aswell? :?