ahhh i messed up the mime!

I just have the random mime thing and really fluffed it up, i got climb the rope, thats it. Someone please tell me that u get it more than once, and i still have a chance of getting the mask. Im lvl 64 i’ve been waiting ages 4 this. 8O

yes u can get it more then once

o Boobs i bet i aint going to get another for ages :x

I think it was Cyclops that got 7 mime events in 9 days. If that doesn’t give you a bit more optimism, lol…

i got 3 in two days

fight ghosts or red spider they drop nothing so the old man cames fastest

it happened to some1 wile fightin kalphites… mayb thats a worth to try?

actually i just got it again both times was while i was fighting red spiders? hmmm coincidence (Probably lol):d

i never got 1

LOL. I’ve played since August and only got 1 which was last month. I was so shocked I got it wrong too. All I got was 1 emote and I don’t think I’ll get another one in ages. I’ve never even had a maze yet.

i havent gotin a mime for about 2 months…but lots of friggin boxes…AHHHH I HATE THOSE!

wats a maze? lol never heard of that. I’ve been playing (On and off) for about one yr and these two mines have been in the past month

Maze- instead of being teleported to the mime stage you get teleported to a maze. You have to find your way to the middle of the maze where you will recieve a prize. The prize reduces the longer you take.

is it non members or just members coz im non and i’ve never heard of that be4

the maze is non members too

o kool i’ll have to look out 4 that now ty

Some people can be so lucky, I haven’t even got a Mime before…

Well I got my first mime at lvl 79 or 80 combat…think it was 80. Got the part of the costume I wanted the most too, the mask. Took me forever to get a mime though.

I haven’t ever gotten a mime… :mad:

i’ve never even had a random event b4!

at total lvl 971 i’ve never got one . . .