ahhhh noobs

every1 there are too many noobs in rs im getting sick of this they’re always begging for stuff and some of them are really good s ( i found 2 of them trying to keylogg me when my security sys. picked them up…) if u have any advice how to help with this problem plz post here

ur asking for advice on how to get rid of noobs on RS?

chaos i meant just post here to talk about the problem

Well you just got to avoid the so-called noobs that bother you acosta… And it’s not totally their fault they act that way… They just want better items without doing anything… Ah who am I kidding get rid of those noobs! Lol jk hehe


lol seems like hes a noob himself. He even tried to sell his account and ur talking about annying. ha thats funny. Think about when u were first a new player. You probably did the same things if not more so you really shoudnt be talking. In fact everyone has been a noob at one point. Its impossible not to be!

lol acosta guns-n-roses has got a point…lmao.
o and im not sure what the problem is…guess just ignore them. i mean just becus u think they might act “stupid” doesnt mean they cant play RS, just gotta live wit em.

o well hey s do u have a problem with me or sumthing im just trying to get to know every1 here…

finally some good advice from chaos…

omg whats that supposed to mean? u havent been here on RSR to know everything ive helped out to ppl on here so u can shutup dude. seriously to fix ur “problem” u can quit RuneScape cus ur seriously a noob.

Woah this has been a wee little mini flame war… Hehe might as well add to the fire… Or not… But you just got to get along with your definition of “noobs” in RuneScape acosta, or you can just quit and never have to deal with them again…

P.S: If you really want to get to know people better, just be yourself, which is probably a nice lil’ dude lol.


yea but obviously before he started flaming me he wasnt a “nice lil dude” lol…cus iw as gonna forgive him from his other posts until he said that. not sure what he meant by “finally chaos gives some good advice” but it sounds like hes tryin to start some shit wit me.

Oh aight I see how it is… Lol 0=)


u gotta realize that eventually u will be overpowered by noobe cuz they will get better and better and if ur meant to em they will eventually destroy u in the wildy

well i will try and so this calmly because i hate noobs as much as the next guy but every1 knows an iban blast hits 25s rite well this noob came up to me he said wen he went up to me with his full addy with rune long “i can kill u” so i asked him to killa farmer for me it took him 9 freakin hits

so i owned him badly and all i gtta say is!!!


lol this topic is like…dead now.

You do realize that WE can become stronger too? Just becuase a noob gets stronger doesn’t mean we can’t train to stay better than him/her.