Alexander The Great.

Was Alexander The Great a fairly nice person or evil, the people who called him evil where the people who got conquered buy him and they would rather like there Persian kings then Alexander, I like Alexander The Great because he made Macedonia great as his dad Phillip did too. :smiley: But do you think Macedonia is part of Greece? and What are you thoughts of Alexander The Great.

P.S, The only reason I like him because he is Macedonian and I am too.

i cant tell u what i think of him now
but in history were getting into Ancient greece and when i learn about him ill post what i like about him
all i know is he was a great concoure

i think macedonia is a part of greece, or at least thats what i think i remember from global class. =p

Macedonia isnt part of Greece. -.- Its just ontop of Greece…

you know alot about history dont you…

Yes. ): I r too smart.

Alexander was fair because he let cultures keep their customs after he annexed their lands…He did this like his father. Alexander conquered King Porus in India, and he defeated the Persian empire.

he was good and bad in different ways. when he was young his dad tought him how to fight, and when he was like 19 he went to go conquer Persia. He was accually pritty good person untel after the battle of Issues(he had a GREAT stratagy for that fight) like he forced his warriors to marry other people even though thye had wives back in Macedonia, and he did other things that lots of ppl thought he just did because he was thinking of himself. but he was a great warrior, and from remarks or findings from some of his warriors he would come to each wounded and ask how they got the wound and humor them. also he was into science cause he brought macedoian scientist with him to study plant and animal life on his journy(sp)
he deserved the name “Alexander the Great”