All Account Problems FIXED!

After hours of going through thousands of lines of code, testing hundreds of scenarios, uploading various files and test scripts, the error has been found, and fixed. Basically i deactivated my own account, and promissed that I would not go on RSR again (not that I had a choice) until I fixed the error. Well, it has been fixed.

If you find any additional errors about this please reply below.

thanks duke.
sickmate 8)

Thanks so much Duke, you really are a marvel here to everyone on this forum… Well, I don’t see how you can’t be as you are the owner of these wonderful forums… Man, I think it’s safe to consider you the most dedicated webmaster of every RS helpsite out there… Thanks again Duke… Sorry if this sounded lame…

Yay, thanks duke… that problem has been really annoying, and now it’s finally fixed… Again, thanx… i just hope that no new problems will come up…

Yay! Thanks Duke

yay now i dont have to keep bothering infiltrator :wink:

Thanks duke, in return we should all click the ads lol :lol: . The error was bugging many people, glad it’s gone :smiley:

YYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS thanks duke 1274465398456124835691234 bill times!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss

It would be funny if clicking the adds was the cause of these account problems… lol

Yeah, nice one Dave (a rough guess of your name :lol:). I think I was one of the first people to experience it back a few months ago.

It would be funny if clicking the adds was the cause of these account problems… lol[/quote]

That would be funny, except for the fact that those ads on the left keep RSR alive!

Duke, i have noticed another problem, i dont know if you are aware of it though.

When i click edit on one of my posts, it wont let me ‘submit’ the edit because it treats it as another post and tells me i cant post so soon after the one before.

is that a bug?

The system just identifies it as a connection to the mysql server to post new information. Its a small bug, but nothing major.