"All the easter eggs have melted away"

just like every1 suspected, chocolate dust.
oh wel…:slight_smile:
by the way hurray for me gettin 25 fletch(lol, my second day of members)

lol yeah i had the grand idea of crwating a s*it load of eggs and i did i had 1000 eggs…i just sold the chocolate dust for 400k!

is chocolate dust worth that much? wow

I never did the easter events on my pure. =[. Ah well.

I forgot to do it on my main. Oh well… too bad.

aww man… is it really worth that much though?

wow 400gp each for each choco dust!?!
if i knew that then i would have put them in my bank instead of giving them all away to the kids o_o

snorlaxs mum- congrats on the 25 fletch on 2nd day =)

DAMNIT!..i knew this was going to happen…i thought “hey, maybe these will stay unlike last year so in a few years i could sell them…” but noooo…-.- all hopes crushed for that…